Monday, October 20, 2008

Warrior Rahzar With Fur

Last week I emailed Dan Berger in regards to the fabled Warrior Rahzar with fur prototype. I thought you guys would be interested to see the conversation:

Hi Dan,

It's Stephan Reese. I'm not sure weve talked about the topic before, but I am an avid collector of vintage tmnt prototypes and wax sculpts. Recently I was able to add the unreleased versions of both pizzaface and casey jones to my collection (heres some pics:

Anyway, the reason I'm emailing you is that I would desperately like to add the Warrior Rahzar with Fur Prototype to my collection. Providing you still have it, I'd like to offer you (Price Edited Out) for it. Let me know what you think!



His Response:

We've never had one - the pic on the site is taken from a Playmates Toys catalog. Some people believe that it was never released, but I thought I saw one at a Dollar-type close-out store at one point - unfortunately I didn't buy it if I did. My memory is pretty lousy, though, so I could be mistaken and it may have never been released.

Thanks for writing!


Dan Berger

Mirage Studios' Official Web Dude

Not the response I was hoping for obviously. But interesting that these may have had an extremely limited release. I however, remain skeptical. Even so, if anyone CAN produce one of these figures, please let me know!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Only W.Rahz i have is a custom a friend made me for a gift.

If i see anything i'll alert ya !!


Hero_UK said...

It's Grizzlor :)