Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pretty Insightful For Someone That Rides A Moose.

My favorite Canadian - Isaac - Whom you may or may not know is spearheading the turtledoc project, had a pretty insightful post over on the technodrome. Thought I would share it.

So as many of you know I am currently deep in production on the TMNT documentary project, I can say we are achieving much more than I thought we would be able to! The official TMNT community has been a major help so far! I can't thank them enough!

I have seen a lot of threads on here about the "doom and gloom" of the franchise, talking about the ending of TMNT, if and when we get a movie, and so on.

Well, as you can imaging I spoke about such things with many of the people I was privileged enough to get to know.

I can't say everything but I will say a few things.

First off these people all deserve a lot more credit than we give them, they are too often cut down on here with no reason. They are working very hard to continue to bring you a quality product that we all love and enjoy.

The Current Show: I know that Peter is very proud of what they have accomplished on the new show! As I believe many of us would agree. When the new show comes to an end we shouldn't freak out, we can't expect it to last forever. It is no secret that there is a "feature" project with the new cartoon being premiered at Sandi Con by 4kids. This was discussed at their panel which I am sure you can find on the net.

The New Movie: This I can't say to much about other than they are talking about it, it would likely be a "hybrid" style shoot, and people are confident it may happen some day soon. In the world of movie making deals rest on dollars and contracts, as much as the Mirage crew wants to make something it can be put on hold by the powers that be. Though Peter seemed optamistic about it!

TMNT Longevity: Personally I think it is silly that people are worried about TMNT "going away" How can it go away any more than super man or batman can go away? Even if it sleeps for a while it will never disappear forever. From the perspective of some at Mirage taking a break can be a huge help to get those creative juices flowing again. When being so close to one specific property some times you need a little time to step back and take a breather, but in that case they will be back.

Lets cut them some slack, I think we are pretty lucky and have a vibrant and very alive franchise compared to pretty much all others of the same generation.

Thanks! Check for more updates on the doc at: www.turtledoc.com

I completely agree. As much as I bitch about certain aspects of the brand on occasion, I am sick to death of all the negativity. It is funny, because a number of you have told me that I've "gone soft" or that I've "changed". The truth is kids...I am just too tired to be bitter anymore. I will not allow myself to be consumed by it anymore. You shouldn't either.


Colin said...

Dude you are so right. For a while I got kinda depressed because all TMNT news I had been hearing was negative (the shows canceled, the toy line's canceled, no new movie, the comics going away), but eventually I just had to step back and say, you know what, whatever happens happens. The TMNT has lasted 25 years, a damn impressive run, if it keeps going, thats great, if it ends, well, nothing much you can do. But you're right, the Turtles will never truly go away, Next Mutation proved they can survive anything and eventually rise from the ashes again.

rania123456 said...

Thanks again for sharing all your entry! I agree with them all!


shazia said...

I love it. Thanks for the info!