Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYCC 2009 - Trip Summary

Day 1

I actually woke up really late day one. Got to the con, went straight to the Heavy Metal booth and talked to kevin for awhile. Went to the Mirage table in artist alley and got my Volume 1 #4 misprint signed by all the guys. Met up with Issac (Canadian_Turtle) and his cousin Rob. Spent most of the day running around the con with them. Attended the Panel (I'm the charming gentleman with the handy cam in the front, right in front of Eric Talbot). After the con, Issac Rob and I went and explored NYC. Went to dinner at the Hard Rock, desert at Sardi's.

Day 2

Bought a Poop-ton more turtles art, and ordered a water color painting from Eric Talbot. Saw Avenue Q (it's an adult level humor, puppet musical. It's fantastic) on Broadway. Met Vaughn! Met with the Brand manager of the TMNT for Playmates, and had a good long talk that was actually constructive. Luke is a great guy. After the con closed, Isaac, Rob, and I had drinks with Kevin Eastman at the bar in his hotel, the 4 of us ended up spending a good 3 or 4 hours talking about a multitude of things. Which...was surreal for me. Afterwards I went and started packing since I had to move my crap out of my hotel on day 3.

Day 3

Sunday was pretty awesome for me. First off, I actually convinced Peter to do a Wolverine turtle to go with my wolverine turtle custom. The Painting Eric did for me turned out FANTASTIC. When I went by the Heavy Metal booth to say hi to Kevin, I had a realization that, despite the countless things he has signed for me... he had never actually done a sketch for me...so he did. Then at noon, Murph and I went to lunch. Shortly thereafter I was back on a plane headed for Los Angeles. All in all a fantastic weekend. I'd like to especially thank Isaac, Rob, Kevin, Murph, Eric, and Luke, for all the contributions each of them made toward making my weekend awesome.

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