Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Collaborative Blog Project

I am now recruiting for a yet-to-be-named collaborative blog project. Like the Turtle Van, it is a niche blog that caters specifically to the tmnt fandom. The difference is that this new project will involve a number of contributors. Fans, industry professionals, people involved in the creative processes of the tmnt, etc. The vision here is to create a SINGLE place where a tmnt fan can go to keep current on the universe, find great deals on toys, or whatever else is interesting in the TMNT world. I am looking for Passionate, Enthusiastic, Well written folk who would like to apply to be part of our initial writing staff.

Here's a Quick FAQ!

Does this cost me anything/Do I get paid?

Nope and Nope! I'm footing the bill for everything we need to get the site going. From then on it will all be donations

As far as getting't count on it. The people I want on staff are going to want to do this because they believe in the vision and are passionate about the brand.

How many writers are you looking for?
I have no idea yet. Too many cooks in the kitchen isn't good. And we don't want to be so big that we step on each others toes with posts, etc. I don't have a solid number in my head at this time though.

If I am not chosen, can I still contribute?
Of course you can! There will be contacts on the site to be able to submit news, stories, whatever! It just means that you won't be blogging first hand. And there will be no guarantee that your content will be used. Of course we will credit the sources whenever requested

If chosen, can I contribute anonymously?
Sure! This allows people involved in the creative aspect of the brand to be able to contribute more freely! When choosing screen names, it will be up to you what it is, and who you tell.

I'm sold! How do I apply?
Send a breif turtles related writing sample to me at Other than being turtles related, it can be about whatever the hell you want. Please don't go over a page in length. Your blog posts will probably never be over a page, no reason your writing sample should be.

The people who I have already contacted either verbally or via email need not apply. Just accept or decline the invitation. Being involved in the TMNT creative process also gives you an automatic approval for either guest blogging or a staff position.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask at the above address or in this thread.

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chris said...

Hey Stephan,

The Blog Site sounds very interesting... In case you don't remember me, I am the guy who came out to your place and photographed some of your rare figures that I did not have. Now, I have most of those from Ebay searches and gifts from Christmas. I only need about 35 more figures and I will also have an entire collection of the action figures, all complete with accessories too! I would still be very interested in trying to contribute in some way. Perhaps info on figures and their accessories, in pictures...Let me know.
- Chris.