Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stories Like This Make My Heart Hurt

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I work in the toy department at Wal-Mart, and since the 2007 movie dubuted all we;ve had is variants on the movie toys. That is till this past summer, know all we have is left overs. This past Sunday I had two seprete kids in the 11/12 range come up to me asking if we had ninja turtle toys from the cartoon series instead of the movie. I assumed they ment the older ones from FF and the earlier seasons so I brought them to the clearance aisles where we had a few straglers that we can't get rid of thats been around forever and on both occassions each kid said no they wanted to know if we had toys from the most recent season Back to the Sewers! I was freakin shocked! I was like "uh no, we don't have any toys for the new season the cartoon series" And both wanted to know when we would carry them. I couldn't bring my self to tell them that wheren't going to be any because both kids seemed like they really wanted them.Gee, how idiotic of playmates to not make toys for Back to the Sewers, I'm surpised as heck that I actually had some one ask me about them instead of Bakugan or something.

*sigh* I fucking hate playmates...so...much. Thank You so much for single handedly ruining the Ninja Turtles for a new generation.


roseangelo said...

As if kids really know what they want.

Music Turtles all the way!!

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