Thursday, December 11, 2008

My NYCC 09 Plans

Hey Gang,
I just confirmed all my NYCC plans! If you remember last years NYCC craziness of mine, you'll notice these plans are much less condensed and far less frantic.

Burbank Bob Hope (BUR) to New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)Departure (BUR): February 5, 8:45 AM PST (morning)Arrival (JFK): February 5, 4:58 PM EST (afternoon)

New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) to Burbank Bob Hope (BUR)Departure (JFK): February 8, 6:00 PM EST (evening)Arrival (BUR): February 8, 9:36 PM PST (evening)

Also, while I am there, I am going to go see Avenue Q:
Date: Sat, Feb 7, 2009
Option: 2:00PM Weekend Performance

If anyone is going to be attending, and would like to hang out (I will have plenty of time for you this time around), PM me for my cellphone number.Thanks!

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Benito said...

What up!- I follow your blog very consistently and am in envious awe of the dedication you put to our boys in green.

I wanted to ask you a question: I am heading to New York this month, unfortunately missing the Comic con. However i wanted to know if you knew about any hot spot that was featured in the original Ninja Turtles movie that i should check out while i am there. Or any other place in that matter that should be hit while I am there. Any thoughts?