Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It Only Takes One.

This is nothing but a simple rant post. Over at The Fifth Turtle Blog (A blog that I love and respect, ran by Murphy, who I also love and respect) there is a commenter named Armaggon. He is, for all intensive purposes, a complete waste of space. He is the kind of person who would have you swallowing killer bees as a better alternative to speaking with him.
The guy is an instigator. He gets his rocks off by going into public forums and being crudely negative for the sake of being crudely negative. Some of the ridiculous nonsense that spews out of his mouth is astounding. He he basically the love child of Andrew Dice Clay and George W. Bush.
Now, after his many months of countless un-constructive nonsense posts on the 5th Turtle, Murphy has had enough:
"I admit it: I'm suffering serious "blog fatigue" when it comes to this TMNT site. The primary reason is due to the moronic comments by Armaggon and the replies that they in turn engender, as well as the rampant bitching that often takes place in the comments section. At this point I'm on the fence about shutting this down, or at the very least of killing the comments option all together. Time will tell. Be well. "
You get what you wanted now you little shit? You are the DIRECT cause of the possible downfall of one of the best TMNT community resources out there. Fuck you. No seriously, fuck you. Maybe if you brought ANYTHING constructive or interesting to a single conversation you've been part of, it would be different. But that has never happened.
Here is an idea. Start your own blog where you can rant about whatever the hell is up your ass and people can choose to read it or not. Or better time you have the urge to post, instead of posting, go play a nice rousing game of Hide-And-Go-Fuck-Yourself.


roseangelo said...

Must be something in the Interwebs. Right around the same time Murph's posts greatly declined in frequency, I hit the wall of blog/Internet/TMNT/life fatigue. And it's got nothing to do with Armaggon.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. some of those people ( well Arm ) care for no one .. nothing and takes anything constructive and turns it into a pile of horseshit.

And i kept falling for it.

Now more than ever.. i'm gonna have to ignore that jackass (es).