Friday, September 19, 2008

The Great Dilemma

So I have this dilemma...Very soon I will find myself with the entire loose vintage playmates turtles toy line. Every single figure from 88 -97. The problem is...There are a number of figures in my collection that are NOT loose...and are in fact, MIB. Now, these are some of the more expensive figures. All my Turtleflage figures for instance, are boxed. Effectively thousands of dollars of figures in box.

Whys is this a problem you ask? Well...I feel the collection will display better if it is all out of the box. I am going to put this stuff behind glass, grouped by year, and a mix of Loose and boxed just wouldn't look as cool as the entire collection loose.

The shame is, that while I am never going to sell this collection, I did pay TOP dollar for some of the rarer boxed figures, because I could never find one loose.

So help me decide guys...Unbox everything and sacrifice hundreds of dollars of "worth"? Or keep what I have in the box, in the box?


roseangelo said...

My Drome answer:

Keep what you have boxed boxed. If it really bugs you, double up on the figures and buy loose ones. Once you do that, if you can live without the boxed figures, go ahead and sell those.

While most of my collection is loose, I have no problem keeping certain figures boxed if there's good reason to.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i only have doubles and M O C or near M O C of my absolute fave figs and characters.

Deff' focus protecting your most valuable figs. Especially those remarkable prototypes.

Now excuse me i got other dead horses to beat.

( it's horse-flu season ya know.. that's been a killer for some of those older nags. Poor things.)