Saturday, July 26, 2008

Greatly Concerned

Greetings Shellbacks! Tonight I blog about a topic that Rose brought to my attention while we were on a bus together at con this weekend.

So with the launch of comes this contest... A contest which features the original two-issue Gobbledygook as its grand prize...For those of you who don't know, Gobbledygook was the mirage comic that pre-dates...well...everything. These books are the holy grail of holy grails for some of us collectors. When these things pop up on ebay they go for thousands (even the ones that we are pretty sure are fakes). Sounds great right? Yeah...not so much...

You see, this contest is open to anyone...ANYONE. From the 4 year old down the block , to your grandmother. So the chances of these books ending up in the hands of someone who will actually love and treasure them for what they pretty slim. Chances are, these books will either end up on ebay, or destroyed by a child.

Frankly, I would much rather see a copy of ninja turtles #1 as the grand prize. It is still a book worth hundreds to thousands (in the right condition), and it wouldn't make me die a little inside if it got used to make confetti.

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roseangelo said...

Yeah, the more I think about this the more it bugs me. And really, the attempt at a TMNT presence at Comic-Con has actually come off very lame and nearly non-existent.

Will need to compile thoughts this week.