Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alien Hunter Mike Prototype

My first New Movie line prototype came in the mail today. As you probably know, I have a slew of prototypes at various stages from various turtles series. However, I had yet to get one from the newest series...till today!

Remember how I was bitching about how Playmates outsources all their work to Korea? Well guess where this little guy shipped from? You guessed it! Korea! Anyway, while I am admittedly not at all thrilled with most of this series, at least now I can say I've got a prototype from it. :-)


m. said...

Where do you find stuff like this, dude?

Vaughn Michael said...

On ebay with a lil help from his friends :P
I'm glad you ended up getting him.

Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

My older prototypes are chance finds through ebay or tracking down people who were once part of the process. The new stuff is always from ebay, and all of them from korea, so I would imagine they are acquired by the people in the manufacturing end of things? Just a guess.