Sunday, June 8, 2008

TMNT Treasures: Post 3 - 100 Piece Launch Quantity Space Hoppin' Turtles

Bet you didn't think you'd see any 2000+ Releases in my Treasures posts. We'll then my friend, you have been hoodwinked!

Now you might say to me, "Stephan, I have seen Space Hoppin' turtles before, what makes these ones so special?"

And I would say, "Well, you uncultured bastard, before the original Space Hoppin' line was put out, Playmates sold a very limited release of these figures before the public release. 100 of each figure was sold, and was only available on ebay."

Then you'd say, "WTF, you totally made that up. They look exactly the same, I don't buy it. You're just bagging my carpet!"

Then I would show you the back:

I know the picture sucks, but it's a hologram label on the back that says:
100 Piece Launch Quantity
(Peter Laird's Signature)
Peter Laird-Creator, T.M.N.T.

In the case of this treasure, it's all about exclusivity. People love to be able to hold something and say "there are only X amount of these in the whole world!"
I am guilty of it myself :-)
So, while you will only probably be impressed by these if you're a package variant collector, I still think they're neat!


roseangelo said...

I remember seeing these for sale on eBay. I passed on 'em, though.

I think it was with these figures that I started shaking my head at Playmates as they started going down the path of the costume variants. When 2K3 started I promised myself I wouldn't buy into any of that this time around and I've stuck to that. :)

Vaughn Michael said...

I'm so glad you bought these off me, There only 1 hand full of fans I'd like to see own these and your in the top 3 ;)
You also have one of the best figure collections and don't brag about it, that's why I respect you.
You're also a good friend.