Thursday, June 26, 2008

Balloon Turtles and SCIENCE!

So let me tell you a story about this little guy. Some time ago I went to the Magic Castle (a magician's club) for a family celebration (a birthday I think). That night one of the acts was a magician who did his entire act with balloons. He made a turtle balloon, and gave it to someone else...I was probably more upset then I should have been that I didn't get it. Well, on my way out of the door as we were leaving, I noticed that the girl who had gotten the turtle THREW IT IN THE TRASH CAN! And I thought "THAT WHORE!" as i practically jumped into the trash can to get it.

So on my way home, very happy with my turtle balloon animal, I was thinking about ways that I could keep him alive the longest. Seeing as rubber is a porous material (its gots holes ins it!) I figured keeping him in a cool place would be the best for him since the cold would make the holes in the rubber contract. HOORAY FOR THIRD GRADE SCIENCE! So I put him in the coldest place I got...the freezer. I thought I might get a few weeks out of him that way... boy was I wrong... The picture above was taken June 26th 2008...roughly THREE YEARS after I put the little bastard in the freezer. Granted, he only comes out every few months to get his picture taken...but I still think that is damn impressive for a balloon animal.

Thanks for listening to my story :-)


Vaughn Michael said...

Great story the first part is a bit lol :P
But the end is great I can't believe it lasted this long!

roseangelo said...

I'm wondering what kind of freezer he has where you've got the room to keep a balloon. Either he doesn't eat or he's got an extra freezer in the garage.

Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

I don't eat frozen foods. So all that is ever in my freezer are ice cubes and that balloon animal hehe.