Friday, June 13, 2008

NECA Con Exclusives

Seeing as NECA released information about their 2nd SanD comic con exclusive (The Black and White Variant Con Exclusive Box Set) seen here!:

I thought I would take this time to display one of my more recent additions. For those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile, you'll recognize this item from when I acquired it, but it seemed a fitting time to present it in a little more detail.

When I went to the New York Comic Con 08 to have Peter sign my arm, I was able to get this Con Exclusive NECA box set. Kevin and Peter were both there, so I had them both sign it. As my first piece with both their signatures on it, it is very special to me. Oh, these were a limited release of 500, just like the SanD b&w variant set will be.

This particular set has been AFA graded (the only one two be register with the AFA at the time of this posting). You may notice that, even though the box set is in good condition, it recieved an overall grade of a 70. That is because the AFA regards signatures as flaws, and so "no signed figure will ever recieve an overall grade that is higher than a 70." Not that I really care, I mainly had it graded for the protection factor. That is museum grade UV resistant plexi it is cased in.

I love this piece because like I said before, it is my first piece to have both Kevin and Peter's signatures (besides my arm lol), and because it displays REALLY nicely. I hope you've enjoyed this showcasing of it :-)

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