Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's With the Widget?

Normally I like to keep my blogs blessidly widget free...Until now.

You will now notice an ESRB ratings finder widget at the bottom of this blog. Working in the video game industry, I am very passionate about parental attention to the ESRB rating of games. Some people think that the answer to the problem of children playing adult games lies in the censorship of content or banning of the game all together. Not only is this ideal unconstitutional, but its downright ridiculous. Adult material is suitable for adults, enjoyed by adults, and made for adults. Therefore, adults should have the right to enjoy this material without the intervention of the government.

The answer to the problem is better parental involvement and parental education. This starts with making the material that is already out there as accessible as possible. So my small way of contributing to the solution is adding the ESRB search widget to my blog. You can type in the name of any game that the ESRB has ever rated, and it will tell you about it. If just one person uses the application from my blog then I have done my part. I encourage any of you who are also passionate about the video game education of parents to add the widget to your blog as well.


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