Sunday, November 9, 2008

Max says, "This is what I think of your thanksgiving!"

Some of you may already know, I kind of have an addiction to claw machines. So last night I went to Carrows after a LAN party and a friends place, and while I waited for my food, I fished a thanksgiving bear out of the claw machine (On the first 50 cents baby!)

Anyway, pretty much all my claw machine animals get sacrificed to my dogs. This is Max with the bear about 30 seconds after I'd given it to him. He had already ripped its face off lol. As you can see, hes already done a number on the couch!

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roseangelo said...

Aw, happy doggy!

I used to have an insane collection of claw machine crap. However, I never had a dog to chew any of it up, so I gave up the hobby except for the rare occasion of finding something awesome inside.

I got a fair bit of TMNT stuff out of those machines back in the day, too.