Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I was in my local Toys-R-Us the other day...
Check out these end caps:

The Actual TMNT End Cap is loaded up with Wrestling Figures

While The TMNT product seems to have been packed in with the Wall-E stuff

Nice to see that TRU has so much respect for our favorite brand.

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Juarin said...

Heya! I cant find your about you section or profile so im leaving a comment! I was gonna e-mail you but cant find yo e-mail....anyways!
I effing love your ninja turtles collection and I didnt see in your collection photo's but I have 4 pretty large tmnt stuffed toys that are in amazing condition and are dated 1989 I think. I'll have to double check when I get home. But alas, I am finally moving out of my parents house and starting my new life as an adult and my parents say all my crap in the attic has gotta go. I was just gonna list em on e-bay but I stumbled upon your blog and Thought Id ask ya first! You can e-mail me at sirjustinx@yahoo.com and I'll send ya pics when I get home if you like! They are about 2.5 feet tall If I'm correct. I boxed em up years ago. Smoke free home!