Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey gang...So my favorite pose ever in any turtles comic is Raph on the rooftop on page 19 in volume 1 issue 1. Unfortunately the NECA raph isnt nearly as flexible as he would need to be to strike this pose...UNTIL NOW!

Stuff I did:
1. Shaved off the top of each foot and the back of each leg part so the legs would fold accordingly.
2. Used Sculpy to resculpt the top of his feet.
3. Repainted most of the legs
4. Trimmed the bottom of the front shell to allow him to bend deeper.
5. Cut the belt away from the shell so the sais could go in the proper place.
6. Shaved the top of the Shell down in the back so he could lift his head to the proper height.
7. Changed the direction of his mask tails.

The Downside: He is now a statue rather than an action figure....Destined to stay in his squat of death FOREVER!

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Vincent27 said...

Hello ! I am french and my english is poor but I want to tell you this photo is very beautiful ! It's a great idea and I think Raphael toys looks like comic. I will try with my Raphael.